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Mobsters are capitalists with less lawyers

The criminal economy is just as part of society as the legal economy. Anthropology helps us keep that in mind.

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Your mind cannot be uploaded

The belief in thinking robots is the product of bad philosophy.

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Legal education is crisis itself

Legal education has been in crisis since its inception. The reason may go deeper than mere mediocrity.

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Deviance is a creation of law

A social theory commentary and review of Howard Becker’s 1963 ‘Outsiders’.

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What if democracy is not the best of ideas?

Don’t get me wrong – it has only the best intentions in mind

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Voc√™ n√£o passa de um rob√ī

Sua consciência não é um milagre, mas o resultado de séculos de evolução biológica.

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You may not exist

Science is traditionally concerned with what can be measured, compared, and modeled. This works wonders for natural science. But what about the mind?

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Reality is made of systems

If A causes B, is it possible that B also causes A?

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To live is to bring forth a world

As a biological unit, your perceptive abilities are a product of evolution. Does this mean they are not objective?